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Our Solutions

Trough the last 30 years, Safe-Tec has been involved in solution-oriented pulling- and lifting projects. With involvement from singular key components to fully integrated systems, we are geared to solve a wide range of technical challenges. Below you will find a selection of industries we have been associated with. If you are seeking further information or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

We help following industries today

We Deliver

At Safe-Tec we are specialists in lifting and pulling operations. From our own production and solutions, to selected products from trusted partners. We strive to equip you for the task at hand, small or large. With involvement in everything from supplying singular key components and special solutions to educations, consulting and service.

In partnerships with companies as SAVATEC-TRELLEBORG, LODAR, DELTA, SEPSON COMEUP etc. we secure a hgh grade of quality and better fundaments for supplying complete solutions.

Safe-Tec works globally in a wide range of industries such as: Civil Recovery & Rescue, Defence and Off-shore. Backed by more than 30 years of experience on the market we are prepared til assist and guide you toward the best solution for your challenge.


With products like the Safe-Bar, Wheelduck, Safe-Brake etc. our goal is to deliver products solutions with a high grade of quality. Genral values such as Light-wieght, simplicity, strength and multi-purpose is an important part of the Safe-Tec product range. Safe-Tec’s involvement in products and solutions goes all the way from development through production and to the finnished product.


All the equipment you need to solve Pulling and lifting operations. Below is a short list of some of our standard products.

  • High- and low-pressure lifting bags
  • Round slings
  • Wire and Dyneema rope
  • Chain material
  • Winches
  • Locking tools
  • Snatch Blocks


With adjusted and rebuild products, we have collected a range of specific products for known challenges in many industries. As an example, we rebuild hydraulic and DC winches with a AC230-400V power units to give you more options. The Safe-Tec philosophy of solving problems, means our design team is ready to assist and guide you towards the best solution to the task at hand.


With a specialized workshop we are able to repair, test, calibrate and service a wide range of components. We work service within:
- Hydraulics
- Pneumatics
- Electronics
- Mechanics
As a part of Safe-Tec’s specialties cable companies can receive documented service and calibration of cable pulling winches with wire lengths up to 1800m.
Reach out to our technicians to schedule a service.

Have a Chat with us

Bo Andersen, Safe-Tec A/S

Military & Defence

With more than 30 years of experience, Bo covers a wide network and a high knowledge to the industry. Besides leading the company, he solves challenges and advises a long list of Safe-Tec’s biggest clients withing the civil and defence industry.

Bo Andersen, Founder & CEO
Tlf. +45 92 82 58 10
Mail: ba@safe-tec.dk

Companies and Organisations

Kim has many years of experience within problems of technical complexity in the industry. Moreover, Kim has a background in the wind industry and has a large foundation to build upon his advisory to clients in the private sector.

Kim Frederiksen, Technical Account Manager
Tlf. +45 92 82 58 10
Mail: kf@safe-tec.dk

Download our Catalogues

Below you will find and overview of our product catalogues, and options to download them directly to you computer. Besides the products in our catalogue we have complete access to our trusted partners product range, which prepares us to help you with everything you need for pulling and lifting operations.

Equipment for transport, lifting and recovery of vehicles

  • Safe-Bar towing and recovery solution
  • Multi purpose A-frame for Heavy-Duty transport and much more
  • Wheelducks
  • Tow Lights
  • High- & Low pressure lifting bags
  • Dollies, Racks & Unihubs
  • Snatch Blocks

Winches for pulling and lifting, snatch blocks and radio controllers

From the worlds leading manufacturers this catalogue contains all relevant lifting and pulling equipment, mechanic, hydraulic, AC and DC.

With partners as COMEUP and SEPSON we deliver wiches of a high quality and simple handling.

Our rebuild Safe-Winches handles well as boat hauling and slow moving test winches with and without engine gear differential, optional gear and more.

All this including an overview of the accessories you need, such as snatch blocks and the market leading radio controllers from LODAR.

Our service department are prepared to assist you with guidance, service, repairs etc.

Lifting material: Wire, Dyneema rope, Chain material, straps and round slings.

This catalogue contains all lifting material you need to get the job done. Safe-Tec supplies lifting material to the defence-, recovery- and off-shore industry. Certifications and data on the equipment is collected in this catalogue.

Our service department are prepared to assist you with guidance, service, repairs etc.

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