Safe Tec Snatch BlocksStrength - Safety - Durability

The Snatch Blocks from Safe-Tec is designed with focus on light-weight, strength and durability. the versatility in our range gives you a wide range of options for lifting-, pulling-, and recovery operations. supplied in many sizes to match your demands.

Light WeightDesigned for Recovery

Following the Safe-Tec philosophy; strong components are not necessarily heavy. Through research and development these Blocks have been designed to withstand the stress of everyday use, using as little material as possible. A total weight between 9,3kgs-37,6 kgs.

Versatile solutionSizes

The Safe-Tec Snatch Blocks comes in 4 different sizes, to let you choose the solution that fits your needs. Choosing the correct size depends on the intended use, wire size and wether it will be used for lifting or pulling.

QualityDocumented strength

Regarding quality, the Safe-Tec Snatch Blocks are CE approved and follows EN std. 14492-1-2006. In-House testing, development and productions ensures you a strong and dependable component for everyday use.

The Wheelduck from Safe-Tec in operation globally

The Original Crown

The original Crown construction are for the heavier material. For lifting and towing, this soultion gives you a solid anchor point for everything from roadside help to logistics. Safe-Tec supplies this crown construction for all wheeltypes, plus adaptors to add versatility.

WheelDuck Dynema

The new and innovative solution of a wheelduck. By the use of Dyneema fibers many tasks are easily solved with this lightweight solution. Takes up minimal space and with a wieght of only 7kgs. The New Wheelduck fits both 8 and 10 and comes in 2 versions: one for steel rims only and one set with special nuts to install on both steel and aluminum rims.

Part. no.Max pull/lift (PL/WLL)Max wire (mm)MBL t/kNShackle TypeWeight Total
Lasse Andersen, Safe-Tec A/S

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