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Safe-Bar MKIII A guide to the Modular concept

The Safe-Bar is a renowned Recovery and towing system, developed and updated over the past 12 years. The goal has been, from the start, to develop a strong and effiecient solution for heavy-duty recovery and towing. Mounted at the beginning of the recovery process, the Safe-Bar is a solid attachment point from start of recovery all the way to the garage.

Through the years, the Safe-Bar solution has expanded to more possibilities withing Recovery and Towing of heavy-duty vehicles. This guide is to give you the idea of what is possible with the latest Safe-Bar MKIII.

1. Basis Kit

SAF219KBasic Recovery Kit

The Safe-Bar System in a kit which contains everything you need for a safe recovery.

Applications options:

  • Direct and sideways freepulling
  • Lifting of the front
  • Etc.

SAF229KBasic Towing Kit

The Safe-Bar system, in a kit for attachment directly to the recovery boom etc.

Applications options:

  • The Crossbar Bracket can be used both with the Safe-Bar and with all types of liting forks w. Ø50mm fitting.
  • Lifted in the Safe-Bar
  • Attached to the Safe-Bar directly

Do you need a Safe-Bar System for both recovery and towing These parts will be added to the SAF219k



2 X BRA141

2 x pin201

2 x pin401

2. Fittings

SAF219KBasic fitting kit

POSPart no.DescriptionQty.
20BRA1551Fitting Volvo FH-FM -20122
21BRA1560Fitting Volvo FH/FM 2012 – og Renault T 2014 –2
22BRA1580Fitting MAN TGA/ TGS/TGX Iveco, Renault Magnum, MB Actros 2012 –2
23BRA1661Fitting DAF CF & XF -20132
24BRA1670Fitting DAF CF/XF 2014 –2
25BRA160Fitting Scania 4 serie, & ”P”, ”R” & ”G” series with wide and narrow radiator.2
25APIN356Pin Bolt Ø35×160 For Scania 3-4 & P-G-R Serie1
26 & 26ABRA1601L+RFitting and bracket with pin bolts for Scania 2017 – v/h1
26BTOP117Umbraco top 17mm – 1/21

3. A-Frame Option 3-in-1

A-FrameHeavy Duty Towing

3 different towing eye sizes

Speader barsFor Recovery

4 different sizes

Tow BarFor towing

4 different sizes

One flexibile System - Countless options.Safe-Bar MKIII for Towing, Lifting & Recovery

Straight Max Pull: 64t
WLL, Lift: 13t
Basic Kit, weight: 60 kg
Mounting time: max 10 minutes
Fittings for all european commercial vehicles and stepless width adjustment.
Compatible with all Ø50mm chain and lifting forks

Through the years we adapted Safe-Bar Systems to match tailor made for your needs. With a wide range of special solutions already designed for previous clients, you can get the inspiration for what is possible. Our deisgn team works motivated towards new solutions to help you in the field. As a clients with Safe-Tec you will have the option to be a part of the development process of your own tailor-made solution.

Solving a long list of challengesFast!

The Safe-Bar MKIII design is for solving a long list of tasks in every situation from war to peace keeping missions. An integrated permanent solution in minutes are crucial when time and efficiency is of the essence.

A-Frame BugseringstriangelEt stærkt modul

Choose the A-frame as an add-on module to your safe-bar solution, for even more options. This kit offers:

  • A-Frame (max pull. 40t)
  • Straight towbar, 4 lengths
  • Spreaderbar, 4 lengths

Tailor-made SolutionsChat with us today

For current clients we have adapted the Safe-Bar system to solve tasks such as:

  • Equalizer for lifting of containers
  • Framehook side pull
  • Safe-Brake systemet
  • Wheelduck

Do you have any ideas or challenges, reach out to us for a chat about how we can adapt the Safe-Bar System to match your needs.

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