Safe-Bar MKVIIRecovery system for Defence - Globally

The Safe-Bar is the Recovery and Towing system, specifically designed to solve mission critical situations in the field. Through ground breaking technololy we minimize the weight and volume while restoring versatility. As a 3-in-1 System, multiple components be combined in diffeent ways to salve many tasks. With the Safe-Bar MKVII you are equipped to solve the task at hand - fast.

Quality - SimplicityThe perfect cocktail

The Safe-Bar MKVII solves mission critical recovery tasks securely, through a thoroughly tested design focusing on safety, quality and simplicity.

Light weight meets strengthEnvironment and Transport

Traditional recovery equipment is bulky and heavy. With innovative development we keep all parts below 25 Kgs to secure a strong and fast solving in critical situations. Altough The Safe-Bar MKVII endures a work load up to 80t.

Tailor made integrationMade to Order

Our design team will adapt the Safe-Bar to fit all needs. Supplying more than 300 systems a year we work closely with partners and clients. Lengths, stowage and further adaptibility.

Clients across the world

One flexibile System - Countless options.Safe-Bar MKVII for Towing, Lifting & Recovery

Through the years we adapted Safe-Bar Systems to match tailor made for your needs. With a wide range of special solutions already designed for previous clients, you can get the inspiration for what is possible. Our deisgn team works motivated towards new solutions to help you in the field. As a clients with Safe-Tec you will have the option to be a part of the development process of your own tailor-made solution.

Solving a long list of challengesFast!

The Safe-Bar MKVII design is for solving a long list of tasks in every situation from war to peace keeping missions. An integrated permanent solution in minutes are crucial when time and efficiency is of the essence.

Minimalistic SystemWith all features

The Safe-Bar system is constructed as a modular concept, to solve all major recovery situations fast. By using the same parts in various applications, we minimize the weight and volume of the equipment while maximizing mobility and flexibilty.

Tailor-made SolutionsChat with us today

For current clients we have adapted the Safe-Bar system to solve tasks such as:

  • Equalizer for lifting of containers
  • Framehook side pull
  • Permanently mounted on vehicles for rapid activation (1 minut)

Do you have any ideas or challenges, reach out to us for a chat about how we can adapt the Safe-Bar System to match your needs.

A selection of our OEM Partners

Bo Andersen, Safe-Tec A/S

Contact us to learn more

Contact Bo Andersen, CEO to learn more about our Safe-Bar Solutions to the Defence industry. With more tha 30 years of experience with towing and recovery, and help militaries across the gloe with safe and dependable solutions.

Bo Andersen, Founder & CEO
Tlf.: +45 20 87 58 10

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