Safe-BrakeIncreased Braking performance - Increased Safety

Regardless weather and road conditions, the Safe-Brake system ensures better braking performance. Simple installation. The system requires no intervention in existing system on neither recovery truck or casualty. Ideal for icy roads, highways, heavy trucks and mountains.

Increased PerfomanceIncreased safety

Designed for installation without changes on the recovery vehicle. The system is an assisted braking system, that only requires braking air pressure from the recovery vehicle. Simply installed by connecting an extra air hose to the air pressure in the back of the recovery vehicle.

Keep it simpleSafety

Universal seat unit installs easily on all types of vehicles. With included fitting for different pedal types, ensures a safe fit. Surring is done by 2 rachet straps, and length of air cylinder adjusts in minutes.

Simple SystemFor all vehicles

Regardless towing method, you can use this Braking system. Whenever you use an A-Frame, suspended or lifted tow. The Safe-Brake system also works on vehicles with CAN bus control, Hydraulic and Pneumatic braking systems.

Some of our clients using the Safe-Brake every day.

Unit KitSAF030

Coupling KitSAF080

Increased Braking PerformanceShorter Brake Length

Interested to see how the Safe-Brake System works?

Here is a video demonstration of the Braking System


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