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Safe-Tec Dollies & RacksEquipment for Transport

With more than 30 years of experience we have developed a dolly with essential advantages. In a simple and strong deisgn, these dollies gives you and strong and dependable workhorse for every day use. Here you can learn more about the marketleading dolly.

Simple designFull of opportunity

The Safe-Tec Dollies enables you to solve all tasks on the roads. With multiple attachment options, the dolly handles both high and low chassis. A handle in both ends makes it easy to places and only needs minimum clearance.


Safe-Tec dollies are designed in a light with aluminum construction - Ergonomic. Thus the light weight construction, the loading capacity is high. The dollies functions on all vehicles which can be transported on a 7T Slidebed.

WheelsDesigned for the task

A known problem on todays selection of dollies, is the weakness in the wheels. On Safe-Tec dollies we've choosen the strongest wheels on the market. Moreover, one dolly has 8 wheels of 3 reasons - expanded force distribution, stability and strength. The oversized wheel size also makes it easy for you to load on the slidebed.

Some of our clients using the Safe-Dollies every day.

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