Wheelduck fra Safe-TecInnovative recovery system for Heavy-Duty vehicles.

On todays commercial vehicles, safety restrictions and composite make it nearly impossible to have find bearing attachment points. The Wheelduck solves this problem, by connecting directly on to the axle of the vehicle. A simple and strong solution.

WheelduckDesigned for Recovery

Does your operation require lifting or pulling with minimal options for anchor points on the vehicles? This is easily solved with the WheelDuck. Designed with strength and versatility in mind, this recovery system is a trusted part of recovery trucks globally.

Versatile solutionFast mounting

8 or 10 holes? Or steel or aluminum? The Safe Tec Wheelducks adapts to all rim types which makes it the most versatile duck system on the market. Lifting and free pulling is handled easily.

Strong solutionIncreased workflow

The wheelduck are easily mounted and takes around 5 minutes to install. This secures you a simple and durable system which speeds up your workflow. The wheelduck has been on the market for many years. Safe-Tec In-house testing facilities guarantees a solid construction and high strength

The Wheelduck from Safe-Tec in operation globally

The Original Crown

The original Crown construction are for the heavier material. For lifting and towing, this soultion gives you a solid anchor point for everything from roadside help to logistics. Safe-Tec supplies this crown construction for all wheeltypes, plus adaptors to add versatility.

WheelDuck Dynema

The new and innovative solution of a wheelduck. By the use of Dyneema fibers many tasks are easily solved with this lightweight solution. Takes up minimal space and with a wieght of only 7kgs. The New Wheelduck fits both 8 and 10 and comes in 2 versions: one for steel rims only and one set with special nuts to install on both steel and aluminum rims.

WLL Pull (PL): 10-13t
WLL, Lift: 5-6.5t
Basic Kit, weight: 25-45 kg
Mounting time: max 10 minutes
WLL Pull (PL): 10t
WLL, Lift: 5t
Basic Kit, weight: 7 kg
Mounting time: max 10 minutes


Lasse Andersen, Safe-Tec A/S

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Have any questions or wishes of a WheelDuck solutions? Get in touch with Lasse Andersen for a chat about opportunities the WheelDuck offers.

Lasse Andersen
Tlf.: +45 28 51 58 10
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