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With years of experience Safe-Tec has brought ground breaking innovative recovery-, towing- and lifting solutions to the defence-, recovery- and wind industry based on own developed patents. Working closely with clients and a strong network of partners, we deliver standardized and situation-specific developed solutions.

We are fully ISO-Certified and develops solutions with the highest demands on safety, working environment and quality. Since the 90’s we have delivered complete solutions with design, development, distribution and service agreements to industries through agencies such as; COMEIP, DELTA, SEPSON and SAVATECH and strategic collaboration with companies such as: Autoconsult, Force Technology and Rescue Center Denmark.

Safe-Tec are situated centrally in Denmark delivering solutions globally. We are known for development and production of quality products and therefore we take pride in being a supplier to the Canadian, Australian, Norwegian and Danish Military.

Following key areas characterizes Safe-Tec

[icon icon=”fas fa-truck-moving” position=”icon-left” title=”Vores ekspertise” image=”2308″]Safe- Tec er især kendt for udvikling og produktion af bjærgnings- og bugseringsudstyr til tunge køretøjer. Eksempler herpå er Safe-Bar, Safe-Brake, Wheelduck og Safe-Light. Derudover leverer vi specialløsninger indenfor træk, løft og bugsering til en lang række aktører indenfor den private sektor og forsvar verden over.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fas fa-shipping-fast” position=”icon-left” title=”Hurtig levering – globalt”]Safe-Tec’s kunder er stærkt afhængige af sikker og hurtig leverance, og vi har derfor et udbygget varesortiment med lager af standardvarer, kritiske komponenter og reservedele. Dette er understøttet af et internationalt veletableret netværk af samarbejdspartnere og leverandører, der sikrer hurtig forsyning og dermed er garanti for vore kunders fortsatte drift.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fas fa-toolbox” position=”icon-left” title=”Service og uddannelse”]En velkonsolideret serviceafdeling, der står for vedligeholdelse, hotline og vejleding 24/7 af kunder, certificering og re-certificering, lovpligtige eftersyn, uddannelse af nøglepersonel både på egne faciliteter, på fagskole eller hos kunden.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fas fa-user-shield” position=”icon-left” title=”Sikker håndtering”]

Safe-Tec's many years of experience in mission-critical industries enable the company to constantly optimize operations to ensure handling and implementation of customer requirements.
As an example of this, Safe-Tec has implemented fully supported IT systems, including component traceability as it is known from the aviation industry.


SAFE-TEC A/S is a part of:

SAFE-TEC A/S - From the start to today



The company was established under the name BD-Systems, with focus on solutions and components to the transport and rescue industry.

New focus – Recovery vehicles build-up

Based on solid experience in the industry, the company focus on builing recovery and rescue vehicles with clients such as Falck, Viking etc. Moreover focus on exporting solutions to Malaysia.

Towing and recovery solutions

Through the years the company focusses less on the full construction of recovery vehicles. The demand and market for lifting and towing solutions grows substantially – and a wide range of specialized equipment, including the 1st generation of the Safe-Bar, was invented.

The defence industry

The interest for Safe-Tec’s innovative recovery solutions increases in the defence industry. The first steps towards supplying this industry globally was taken by delivering the Safe-Bar Recovery system to the newly aquired PIRANHA vehicles with the Danish Defence.

New Markets – New Products

We constantly strive towards developing our products and as important our relation with clients all over the world. We are proud to have delivered our products across the civil and defence in many european countries, and as far away as New Zealand. Our focus stays on developing even better and more innovative solutions to the towing and recovery industry – whilie keeping our good relations with our many clients within this industry.


At Safe-Tec our collegues is a central part of our succes.

Bo Andersen, Safe-Tec A/S

Bo Andersen

Founder and CEO

Tel.:+45 20 87 58 10
With more than 30 years of experience, Bo covers a wide network and a high knowledge to the industry. Besides leading the company, he solves challenges and advises a long list of Safe-Tec’s biggest clients withing the civil and defence industry.

Lasse Andersen, Safe-Tec A/S

Lasse Andersen

Business Development Manager

Tel.:+45 28 51 58 10
With over 10 years of knowledge to the business, Lasse is situated in Safe-Tec’s Sales Offices in Switzerland, from where he advises and services clients in the entire region. Lasse is specializing in the rescue and recovery industry in mountain regions. Moreover, Lasse is responsible for the general marketing of Safe-Tec A/S.

Martin Møller

Internal Sales Consultant

Martin is responsible for our existing clients experience of high standard of service and security through the order process. With more than 10 years of experience in securing sublime costumer experience, you can expect a secure and professional processing from ordering to delivery and support.

Niels Johansen

Production manager

Niels has more than 10 years of experience within solutions for recovery and towing, and with a technical background of metalworking, he secures that both our internal and external production process runs streamlined. Niels works focussed on guaranteeing our clients the highest quality, for instance, through working with ISO9001.

Freddy Melander


Freddy is responsible for all internal logistics in Safe-Tec A/S, and spends lots of hours on the road, transporting components between the different parts of the production process.

Alice Hansen


With more than 30 years of experience, Alice handles the economy department of Safe-Tec and ensures a clear view of our economy.

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